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About Us

My name is Fadwa, I was born and raised in Morocco, and with my husband, we founded Noory Cosmetics with the goal to share Morocco's natural beauty traditions with the world. Noory Cosmetics is an eco-friendly brand that promotes authentic, natural skincare and hair care products based on pure, organic, argan oil.

As a native Moroccan, I grew up using authentic and natural masks, oils, fragrances, that rejuvenate and bring youthful appearance to skin and hair. As I relocated to the US few years ago, I missed my traditional natural products, and was surprised that the argan oil offered in the US market is not the same as the one I grew up using. Hence, the idea of bringing the best and purest argan oil to the US was born. At Noory Cosmetics, we pride ourselves in having the purest, best, organic argan oil, produced by the finest and trusted women’s cooperatives in Morocco. Our argan oil is made with love, care, and expertise. At Noory Cosmetics, we believe in offering our customers products we use in our daily routines. If we can't use it, we don't offer it.

Noory Cosmetics’s mission is to offer authentic, pure, natural, botanical, organic skincare, hair care, and beauty products sourced from the various regions of Morocco. We are starting with Pure Organic Argan Oil as our introductory product, and currently planning expending our line to include products necessary for the Moroccan hamman - clay masks, black soap, rose water, and others.

By supporting Noory Cosmetics, you are helping empower women, protecting the Argan forest, and preserving your wellness. We hope you enjoy Noory Cosmetics products.